Why are mould and mildew a big threat to your carpets?

We all love installing carpets in our homes and offices. But one big problem is maintaining these carpets. It takes a lot of effort. As well as you need to invest a lot of time. If you are someone who lives near the coast, your carpets will be more prone to mould. The moisture in the air and extreme humidity promote mould growth. Therefore, wet carpets can’t be cleaned easily. And requires professional help. 

Mould and mildew are nothing but a fungus. Mildew is usually a grey or white fungus. And if it is untreated for a long time. This turns into black or green mould. Therefore, mould and mildew are considered a threat to the carpets as well as to people around. Here are some reasons why mould and mildew are a big threat to carpets

  • Odour – Firstly, mould growth causes the carpets to smell. Odour develops easily if the mould is left unattended. The odour is usually a rotting smell. Or sometimes it is a musty odour. It is hard for homeowners to identify the odour. As they get accustomed to it. But when visitors will be able to notice it easily. 
  • Stains and spots on carpets – Sometimes, stains develop due to mould and mildew. And this will be easily visible. The stains and spots are usually green or white in colour. Moreover, the stain is an indication that mould infestation has reached the advanced stage and it needs immediate attention and treatment. 
  • Discoloured patches – The mould develops underneath the carpet. Hence, when you lift up the carpets. You can notice the fungus growth just under the carpets. It will look like discoloured patches. Along with a strong damp and musty smell. 
  • Health issues – Importantly, carpet moulds trigger a lot of health issues. It has a negative effect on our health. Firstly, mould and mildew develop a lot of allergens. Hence, this can trigger allergic reactions. For example, coughing, hay fever, pink eye, rashes, wheezing, sneezing, watery eyes and asthma. Sometimes, mould can worsen asthmatic conditions. This can also cause death in worse cases. Hence, consider frequent allergies as a sign of mould on carpets. Mould growth is treated easily by professionals.
  • Damaged carpets – Mould growth causes a lot of damage to the carpets. Especially if the carpet is subjected to water. And water damage is considered dangerous to carpets. As it can soil the carpets to a great extent. Hence, you could end up with a severely damaged carpet. Which is heavily stained. The worst part is that these signs are not detectable early. And it’s too late once you notice and realise mould growth. 

Tips To Prevent Mould and Mildew Growth From Carpets

  • A regular professional carpet cleaning can prevent a lot of carpet damage. Professionals clean the carpets efficiently. This removes all stains and spills from the roots of the carpets. Hence, it is a great way to prevent mould and mildew on carpets. 
  • Use a dehumidifier during rainy seasons. As we know moisture is the great factor behind mould and mildew. Hence, this will keep the carpets in a dry condition. And will remove any excess moisture. 
  • Mould grows due to moisture, oxygen and a good source. Hence, mould spores are usually hanging in the air. When these spores land on the damp surface of the carpets. The mould growth happens. Hence, install carpets in rooms that have less humidity. And there is no constant use of water. 
  • Choose a high-quality carpet padding while buying a carpet. As they have antimicrobial properties. Though, it is on the expensive side. But these carpets have a longer life span. 
  • Avoid any standing water near the carpets. And fix any water leaks in your house. 
  • Get professional carpet cleaning once every 6 months. 
  • Let the carpets dry completely after cleaning. And opt for a dry cleaning process as it will not require any water.


Above are some signs of mould and mildew growth on carpets and how to prevent them on time. With simple steps and procedures, you can increase the quality of your carpets. And make it run for a long period of time. There are a lot of reasons why mould and mildew are a big threat to your carpets. therefore, take professional help for clean and healthy carpets.